The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has published ISC 12th Time Table 2018 online. The exam for ISC 2018 Board Exam for Class 12th will begin from February 07 to April 02, 2018. The ISC 12th Time Table 2018 is available for download at the official website of CISCE, The candidate will be able to check their exam date & day, subject code, the name of the subject, timings of the exam through the timetable. However, the dates as mentioned in the ISC 12th Time Table 2018 shall be changed based on the declaration of the dates by the Chief Election Commissioner of India for the States due to Assembly Election. Candidate can get more information regarding the ISC Time Table 2018 on the page below.

ISC Time Table 2018

The Theory exam for Class 12th will begin at 02:00 PM and the Practical Examination will be from 09:00 AM. The candidates will get 15 minutes extra to read the question paper. Candidate can check complete schedule for ISC 12th Time Table 2018 below. For subjects that have a Theory and a Practical component, the candidate is required to appear for both the

Time Table: Click Here to download the ISC Time Table 2018.

What to Bring on the Day of the ISC 2018 Examination?

The students have to bring the following on the day of the examination:

  1. Admit Card/ Admission Card for the Class 12th Board – The Admit Card for the exam shall be available by the end of January 2018. The candidate may kindly get in touch with the Principal of the school concerned, to collect the Admit Card.
  2. Bring your own stationary for the exam
  3. Bring a clear clipboard so that you can write easily in the exam.

What Items are not allowed inside the examination center?

The following items are not allowed in the examination hall:

  1. Candidates are not allowed to bring any kind of electronic device inside the examination hall such as Mobile Phone, Calculator, etc.
  2. Also, do not carry any valuable items like a gold earring or chains, money, etc inside the examination hall. The authorities will not take responsibility for misplacing of any such items.
  3. Notebooks, Notes, Books, Guides, Solved Papers, etc are not allowed inside the examination hall.

What is the Pass Mark Criteria for ISC 2018 exam?

The CISCE published a notification stating the change in pass mark criteria for ISC 2018 examination onwards. Earlier the pass marks for ISC was 40%, however, it has been changed to 35%. This rule will be applicable for 2018 examination onwards.

What is the Time Schedule for Theory and Practical Examination?

The candidates will be distributed the question paper and can start writing the answer as per the schedule given below:

Exam Type Distribution of Question Paper Candidates can start writing by
Theory 01:45 PM 02:00 PM
Practical 08:45 AM 09:00 AM

ISC 2018 Question Paper

The candidates can solve the sample question paper uploaded by the Board at its official website. In the table below, we have provided the link for the sample question for 2018 for various subjects:

S.No 2018 Sample Questions
1 History
2 Accounts
3 Physics Paper 1
4 Physics Paper 2 (Practical)
5 Chemistry Paper 1
6 Chemistry Paper 2 (Practical)
7 Biology Paper 1
8 Biology Paper 2 (Practical)
9 Mathematics
10 Commerce

How to prepare for the ISC 2018 Board Class 12th exam?

Education is one of the most important and essential part of life which should not be taken for granted. Here are few tips for the student to score good marks on the Board examination:

  • Perfect Planning for Exam: The students should plan their schedule for the exam and should stick to it. Proper Time Management and Planned study are really important. If you have less time, then don’t try and overdose your plan by trying to fit in every lesson of the subject. Don’t aim to finish all lessons of any particular subject somehow or the other. If you have 10 chapters, and only 8 of them would be possible to study properly, then do that. If you cannot study for more than 4 hours a day, then break down that 4 hours into 2 subjects per day i.e. 2 hours each or 1.5 hour for one subject and 2.5 hours for the other, or whatever you feel like would be enough.
  • Mark Important Lines: While you are preparing for your final exams just mark every single thing which you feel is important and can make a difference in the examination. Always have a pencil in your hands while you study. You should try to Practice by writing. This is a really effective method. After giving the allotted time to a subject in a day, close your book, and ask yourself questions related to the lesson you just studied to see if you have remembered what you just studied. Then try and write down the answers to your questions on a paper without referring to a book. When you are unable to remember an important part of your question (after trying much), then open the book and go through it once, close the book again, and write it down again on your own.
  • Solve Sample, Guess papers: Students after your basic preparation you should always solve sample papers daily. Most of the examiners set exams from previous question papers and sample papers.
  • Never Cram:- Cramming isn’t a good idea at all. Study less, but understand what you study. Cramming is one of your friends who ditches you in the exam hall. Additionally, cramming the night before your exams are proven to be ineffective because you’re taking in so much information at once that it’s impossible to memorize it at all. So, never cram just go through and learn in a better way.
  • Avoid talking about missed topics before exams:- Just before the exam never talk to your fellows and friends about examination and missed topics as it will make you confuse and even make you nervous.
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