How To Prepare For Class 12 Board Exams

Are you going to appear for the board exams? How your preparation is going on? Board examinations are really a big fear for a student of class 10th and 12th. Students always aim to score to good marks in the exams. Now, the question comes to the mind how to achieve the aim of scoring 90 above marks in board exams. So, to bring out the students from this dilemma we are here with some of the best preparation tips which a student can easily follow while appearing for the board examinations. Here through this article, we are going to focus on how to prepare for class 12 board exams and many more. Let’s have a look into it.

How To Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams; Know The Strategies To Score 90 Above

As the time for the board exams coming near students used to take a lot of pressure and then get confused from where to start and how. Preparation before the exams build confidence among the students to score good marks. The marks obtained in class 12 really plays a major role in higher studies as well as to meet the criteria in the professional field. Students of class 12 are from different streams such as science, commerce, and arts. Now, check out how to prepare for class 12 board exams from below.

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Preparation Tips For Class 12 Board Exams- Science Stream

Each stream has different subjects so here we are with the preparation tips of the students from the science stream. Students from the science stream are from the two different groups either from PCM or from PCB. Physics, Chemistry remains the same for both groups. PCM group has english, physics, chemistry, maths as the mandatory subjects including the optional subjects as per the choice of students. Similarly, for the PCB group, inspite of Maths students have the biology as a mandatory subject.

  • Maths- For preparing for maths students need to understand the basic concept of the questions and practice the more number of questions.
  • Physics- It includes the numerical based problems more as well as the proving the theorems. So, study all the topics as per the prescribed syllabus and practice as well.
  • Chemistry- It includes the questions more on the basis of chemical equations and the element properties. So, give more focus on these types of questions and prepare according to the syllabus.
  • Biology- Biology is the subject which is more theoretical. Keeping in mind the previous year pattern of paper most of the questions come from reproductive system topic followed by others. Along with this with every topic, you also need to prepare the diagrams. Diagram based questions consist of more weightage than the questions without it.
  • English- It includes the grammar, writing as well as the literature part. For grammar and writing part practice the types of questions and understand the format and rules very well. While for the literature part, go for the questions given in your prescribed textbooks and prepare well.

Preparation Tips For Class 12 Board Exams- Commerce Stream

Other than science stream there are also some students from the commerce as well. Commerce stream includes the subject like Business studies, accountancy, mathematics, economics, english, and the other optional subjects. So, here have a look at the tips of how to prepare for the commerce stream.

  • Business Studies- It is the subject including the concepts of marketing, principles, case studies etc. However, if we talk about the important topics then all the chapters are equally important where most of the weightage consists from coordination, principles, delegation, staffing process, and the case studies as per the respective topic. So, practice all the questions from these most important topics.
  • Accountancy- The accountancy is the subject including numerical based topics. Understand the concepts very carefully and practice the questions.
  • Mathematics- It is the subject including the numerical problems which is formula based as well as conceptual. So, practice the questions from each topic and also go through the previous year question papers.
  • Economics- It includes topics such as money and banking, income, accounting etc. So, students prepare each and every topic very carefully solve out the sample papers and go through the previous year question papers as well.

Preparation Tips For Class 12 Board Exams- Arts Stream

Arts is the stream for the students of class 12. The subjects are quite interesting such as fashion designing, english, economics, political science, geography, history, psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship etc. Apart from this, there are some optional subjects too. The subjects included in the arts stream are mostly theory based.

  • Prepare according to the prescribed syllabus
  • Make notes of all the relevant topics.
  • Go for the previous year question papers and get an idea of the weightage of each section as well as a pattern of the question paper.
  • Take revision of all the topis prepared before appearing for the exams.

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General Preparation Tips For Class 12 Board Exams

Key to score 90 above marks well planned preparation. Students appearing for class 12 board exams can follow the below mentioned strategies and implement them while preparing them. Now, apart from the streamwise preparation have a look at the general tips for how to prepare for class 12 board exams.

Syllabus- Before start preparing first check out the syllabus of each subject you are going to prepare with. Note down all the relevant topics at one place and start preparing.

How To Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams

Making Schedule- As if the date sheet of the examinations are now available then plan from where you want to start first and how. Build your strategy and make a proper schedule for each and every subject.

Time Management- Managing time is the most important part while preparing for board exams. Prepare according to the schedule. Try to give equal time to all the subjects you have to prepare for the upcoming board exams. Don’t delay your preparation and strictly follow your routine.

How To Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams

Making Notes- While preparing for the exams it is advised to the students to make short reminder notes which will help a lot while revising the topics. Making notes improves the ability to remember the things for a long time.

Previous Year Questions- By practicing the last year question papers students get an idea of the pattern of the paper as well as the types of questions.

Sample Papers- Practicing the sample papers should be the last stage of your preparation. By solving out the papers you also get an idea of how well you are prepared and at what point you need to work hard.

How To Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams

Revision- Give at least two to three days to revise all the topics you have prepared for the board examinations. Revision helps out to remember the things during the examination and also build confidence to score good marks in exams.

About Board Examinations

Board examinations are conducted at the state as well as at the national level. The state boards and the national boards conduct the board examinations for class 10th and 12th in the month of February- March. Therefore, to prepare for the board exams students get panic with how to start the preparation and from where to practice the questions. So, students if you are facing the same then do not take too much stress study accordingly and eat healthy food. At the same time, do follow the tips provided here.

What’s Your Preparation Status? Share your preparation strategy here or if you have any query regarding this then please let us know through your comments in the box provided below.

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