Students today the CBSE will announce the 12th class board results. The wait is over and you can check the result in the afternoon at 12:00 Noon. This is the news that you must be waiting for last few days. What else? Are you afraid? Panic attacks? Then don’t have all these. Take a deep breath and relax.

Remember we all have worked hard to achieve a good result in CBSE. Whatever is the result it can’t predict the success in our life. Don’t bring any negative feeling to you. A good or bad result doesn’t reflect our destiny. Moreover, even if you score less then it is not the end of the academic career. So, keep calm and wait for the results. Even if you are scared and having anxiety attacks then you can try the few simple tricks below.

class 12th board result

Breathe and Relax – Just sit down and take a deep breath. The moment you think about the result you start thinking over. what about Chilling? It is summer time drink cold water, lemonade to cool down your thoughts.

Talk to Yourself – This is the best techniques just stand in front of a mirror and talk louder. Give motivation to you that “I will succeed and no result can define my success in life”. Everything will be alright in the end.

Talk to your near ones – Do not sit alone and isolate yourself. Talk to the person with whom you feel energetic. Share your feelings with them. You can talk about anything which relaxes your mind. Thinking about the result will not change the scores. So, live every moment and do not waste thinking about the things that are not your control.

Watch a movie or a song – Spend some time watching a good movie or a song. As song relaxes the mind and you feel cheerful. at least you will not bring any unnecessary and irrelevant thoughts in the mind.

What if things don’t go as planned? Always remember this is not the end. You have a whole lot of career opportunities waiting for you. There are 100’s of career options available nowadays. Not all want 90+ marks. It is talent which will bring the success. Moreover, you can also opt giving improvement papers of boards in case any future career option wants particular marks eligibility.

For the parents, it is advisable that do not put pressure on the child. Every child is special and hero in his/her own life. Do not compare the marks with other students. Avoid discussing the result with your child. Whatever is the result support him/her in any situation. Give your complete emotional support and do not think about society. Be with them all the time and keep talking to them. They must share their feelings with you so that you can support them in hard or good times.

So, in the last, Aglsem wants to say that keep the anxiety and tension away. It will only bring negative energy in the hot summers. So, keep cool and avoid unnecessary worries. Be with your close ones and remember they will be with you always.

Team Aglasem wishes you All the best for the board’s result.

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