CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions with Answers

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions with Answers – The students who are going to appear for class 10 exams from CBSE Board must know the important questions. Important questions are very helpful in getting good marks in the board exams. We have provided the maximum number of questions and their answers for class 10 students. The questions have been shortlisted after analyzing past 10 years’ question papers of Social Science. The students can check the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions with Answers from this page. We have also provided the frequency of the questions with the respective year in which the question has been repeated. Along with it, you can also check the respective marks of the particular question.

Here, on this page, you can check the important questions related to class 10 Mathematics with answers, respective marks, exam pattern of Maths and the marking scheme. Also, you can get the details about the preparation tips. So, for a better understanding, you can check the entire page.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions with Answers

Social Science is one of the core subjects of CBSE Class 10 students. Social Science is a compulsory subject up to the secondary stage of school education. The subject is helpful in understanding the components of general education and the environment of the society. The learning and education of Social Science develop an understanding of the processes of change and development both in terms of time and space, through which human societies have evolved.

There are a total of four units in Social Science. The entire question paper contains the questions of 80 marks. The candidates will be given 3 hours to complete the exam.

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Course Structure for CBSE Class 10 Social Science

The Central Board of Secondary Education has provided a pdf file related to the number of units and the respective marks. The pdf file is available online on the official website i.e. at We have also provided the same here on this page below. You can check it through the table provided here:

Unit Number Unit Name Marks
1 India and Contemporary World-I  20
2 Contemporary India-I  20
3 Democratic Politics-I  20
4 Economics  20
Total Marks 80

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions with Answers

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

CBSE Board has provided the predefined question numbers and the respective marks online on its official website. The students can also download the pdf for it. Here, we have also provided the same for the convenience of the students. You can check it from below:

  • The entire question paper has been divided into four sections i.e. Section A, B, C, and D.
  • The entire question paper will have a total of 26 questions.
  • Against each question, the students will get the respective marks also.
  • From the serial number 1 to 7, the students will get very short type questions of 1 mark each.
  • Questions from serial number 8 to 18 are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 80 words each.
  • 5 marks’ questions will be provided for question number 19 to 25. The answers to these questions should be given in 100 words.
  • The question number 26 is a map question. It will have 5 marks and will be divided into two parts i.e. 26 (A) from History (2 marks) and 26 (B) from Geography (3 marks).
  • All the questions will be compulsory for the students. However, they will be given internal choices to attempt the questions. Candidates will have to attempt only one question from the provided choices.

How to Prepare CBSE Class 10 Social Science?

The students should do the preparation according to the exam schedule and should take care of the topics which are important and used to be asked frequently. Every student should know the process for the preparations. If you want the guidance then you can read this section. You can check the relevant points given below:

Subject Wise Preparation: As you know that Social Science is divided into various subjects such as History, Geography, Economics, and Civics. So, the students should prepare the entire subject by learning the individual subjects. In this way, the students can prepare well for Social Science.

Practice the Map: According to the exam pattern of Social Science, the students get the questions of the map. This question contains 5 marks. So, the students are advised to practice the map of History and Geography. It is a very simple way to get 5 marks. So, the students should attempt this question of the map.

Use Proper Schedule for Each Subject: for each subject, the students should have a proper schedule. On the basis of the marks distributed by CBSE Board, the candidates can divide the time for the preparations for the four concerned subjects. Read the chapters and try to understand the concepts. Do not byheart the concepts.

Answer the Questions Considering the Respective Marks: Generally, the students do not know how to answer a question with respect to the marks. Suppose, you are giving the answer of 1 mark question then you need to give the answer within the required word limit. You need not write extra words apart from the word. If you will not do so then your time will be lost and may be at the end you will not be able to answer all the questions.

CBSE Important Questions

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