CBSE 10th Class Result 2018: Class 10 CBSE result is announced today on 29th May 2018. This news has emerged anxiety among students as well as their parents. Stress and anxiety are natural instincts that get provoked at the times of adversities.  Class 10 Result is important for students as it will reveal their months of hard work and sustained focus which they utilized in the preparation. Certain optimum level of stress is important for the performance of individuals. But when the stress extends its limit. It proves to be dangerous for one’s health.  Students should note that they do not convert “eustress” into “distress”.

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CBSE 10th Class Result 2018

Results are considered to be crucial in every student’s life. They reflect students concern towards studies and sometimes even discipline. But the bad result always does not involve this assumption.

Class 10 students are advised not to panic for the result. Believe in your capabilities, you will score well in the examination. If any student fails to achieve good marks don’t get disheartened. Exams are just meant to test your knowledge. They do not define your future. You will surely build a successful career just believe your capabilities.

How to Handle Stress?

You all should keep trying to attain your best. Try to extend your learning limits. Remember always to study for knowledge, not marks. Always study to clear your basic concepts.

Those who will secure good marks, your efforts will be appreciable. But don’t overwhelm by this success. You should keep these marks as a target for every examination.  Try to break your own records by establishing new ones.

It is important to note that excessive stress can lead to disbalance between body’s functioning. You all have a long life ahead. You have to establish a good career. You have the responsibility of fulfilling all your desires and achieving your ambition.

CBSE 10th Class Result 2018

CBSE Helpline

The Board will conduct a pre-examination psychological counseling service for Class 10th students. The Phase 1 pre-exam counseling went very well and now the Board is all set for Phase 2 counseling sessions.

To use the Board’s Helpline, the students need to dial  1800 11 8004 for any help. The post-CBSE result counseling will begin from May 26, 2018, till June 09, 2018. The students can call at the helpline number from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. which can be accessed on all days (including Sundays).

Responsibility of the Parents

Parents, family, loved ones, friends etc can prove to be a great support at this time. Parents need to assure that their children remain calm and happy. They should converse with their children and try to sort out their problems.

Parents should always avoid comparing their children with others. They should know that their child is best in its own way. It is advised to parents to try finding their children’s abilities, liking etc. Helping them in achieving their goals and providing them with a suitable platform to represent themselves.

Enabling them in preparing for their future. Teach them the simple steps for success. Make sure they know how to manage their time, live freely.

Good luck to all who are looking forward to today’s result. May you all get what you aspired for. Try to build the best of you. Your unique identity will lead you further. Do not panic and enjoy.

Best wishes from aglasem.

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